Hacker Space in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

I’ve been watching the goings on at the several hacker spaces which are popping up around the world. Specifically NYC Resistor has a lot of interesting activities and the Cow Town Computer Congress is a new space that shows a lot of promise. I was looking for something like that going on in my area but it seems there is none. So, if anyone in the Tulsa area is interested in starting a group like this, please leave a comment here, or send me a message through the contact form.

If you don’t know what a hacker space is, it is a place where people can get together and share ideas and equipment that they may not be able to afford on their own. It is also a place for people to learn from each other and to work on whatever projects they are interested in from electronics to arts and crafts or whatever.

To learn more and maybe find a hacker space in your area, check out this link.

4 replies on “Hacker Space in Tulsa, Oklahoma?”

  1. Josh says:

    We have recently formed a Hacker Space in Tulsa and we are looking for new members. We are currently only meeting once a week until we get more members and get more things going on. At that point we will get a space and have it open 24 hours a day. We have a fund raising event scheduled April 4th 2009. It is a LAN Party where we will be playing Red Alert 2. If you are interested it coming to either the LAN Party or the meetings send us an email at [email protected] or visit our site http://www.fiefoundation.net for more details on the LAN party.We look forward to hearing from you.Josh

  2. Brakk says:

    Thanks, I just sent you an email!

  3. Troy coon says:

    There is a hackerspace forming in OKC but some of the interested people live in or near Tulsa. http://Www.geeksok.com is hosting some of the information. Site is in progress so check back often.
    Been working on distributing repraps.

  4. Jeff Callahan says:

    I know this is a old post I was just wondering if there is a hacker space in Tulsa now?

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