Jalapeno Ale Experiment

Jalapeno AleThis is my first (and so far last) expedition in to the world of pepper beers. I had tried some other pepper beers and loved them, and I generally like spicy food, so I thought I would give it a go. It was an interesting experiment and I learned some valuable lessons from it. Continue reading Jalapeno Ale Experiment

Make Your Own Mash Paddle

Mash PaddleAfter building a mash tun and running my first batch of beer through it, I realized very quickly that trying to stir the mash with a kitchen spoon is not an easy task. There are many types of paddles available to buy online, but in the spirit of homebrew DIY and not wanting to spend much money, I decided to make my own.

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Converting a Cooler into a Mash Tun

Mash Tun Spout ThumbHere is how I converted a cooler (ice chest) into a mash tun (MLT?). For those of you new to home brewing, a mash tun is used for converting starches in the grain to sugar which later is turned into alcohol by the yeast. You mix the crushed grain (mostly barley) with warm water, hold it at a specific temperature for a while (that’s where the insulated cooler comes in) then drain the liquid (wort) out leaving the grain behind. Then you proceed to boiling the wort while adding hops and other additions (the rest of the brewing process).

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Raspberry Wheat Beer


I like raspberries, and I like wheat beer. I also like brewing beer, so it was inevitable that the two should someday meet.

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